Pixel Camera

Recently I needed very granular control over 2D elements for Unity that needed to be workable in a consistent 1:1 pixel environment. Normally I’d leverage NGUI, 2DToolKit or whatever else I have lying around or is currently present in a project but I decided I didn’t need a sledgehammer to solve this particular challenge so I decided to develop a simple solution for using pixel coordinates and scale in Unity.

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Screen Fade

A simple, static solution for fading the screen in Unity. This solution fires off three events during its operation: OnFadeBegin, OnFadeUpdate and OnFadeEnd and you can easily hook onto these to respond to the status of the fade. There’s also a hand property called IsFadingUp which is convenient for checking when a fade is complete to execute some clean up logic if you are fading scenes and then easily fire off a fade down. I’ve also included a few handy overloads in the public interface to add flexibility so take a look at the comments when you are using this solution. The example project below is included in the package and, as always, let me know if there are any problems or suggestions.

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Collider Button

Buttons should be easy and now they are. Collider Button is a simple component that allows any collider to become a button for use in your scene. Whether its a simple prototype that doesn’t need a GUI system in place quite yet or if you simply want an easy to use 3D-based button, Collider Buttons aims to make things simple.

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Simple State Saving

Saving the state of a GameObject(read MonoBehavior) via traditional serialization is not possible so I whipped up a simple approach that allows easy saving and loading of data contained in a class for simple state storage and retrieval via PlayerPrefs.

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The best darn throwable object spinner

Nothing more I can say about this release other than its a draggable object rotator that supports extremely responsive throw mechanics. Plop it on an object (don’t forget a collider to allow touch interaction), touch and drag on the model on your mobile device to rotate the model around and flick your finger to send it spinning with extremely natural velocity.

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Unity needed cmd-g and ctrl-g

I’ve found my left hand hitting the trusty “make group” key combination in Unity more and more whenever I’m deeply focused on organizing and structuring scene objects and I’ve had it with disappointment. Create an empty game object, put it where I need it, plop children under said new empty game object is so yesterday when it comes to organizing in Unity now. Drop my new group maker into your unity projects and organization is a simple press of command-g (control-g on PC) away!

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Debugging Unity on Android

Just wanted to document the steps for how to monitor debug messages and such for a running Unity application on Android for Mac:

Step 1:

Open up a Terminal window.

Step 2:

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LayerMasks simplified

I love LayerMasks because of their power and ability to filter things. I hate LayerMasks because I can never remember how to properly create them in code. To end this love/hate relationship I finally sat down and made a solution that’s incredibly simple and invaluable for taming LayerMasks. You too can now punch LayerMasks in their confusing face.

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Talking at Unite 11

I recently spoke at Unite 11 on behalf of Bully! Entertainment about our augmented reality work we did for Ford. You can check out the Unity powered presentation I created for my talk and ran off my iPad here.

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