Augmented Reality

RoomMapper for Quest2 Passthrough

The RoomMapper is a helper/add-on tool for the (currently experimental) Passthrough API for the Oculus Quest 2. I have no doubt and I look forward to Oculus making this solution obsolete with their advancements to public access of Passthrough.

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Maximizing Mobile Augmented Reality

You can’t stop progress.

Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) should be flooding the consumer landscape within the next 6 months – whether you like it or not. I know a decent amount of the design and development community considers augmented reality in ANY form a gimmick but I fear they’ve forgotten what its like to say “wow”. Don’t get me wrong – it’s difficult to remain innocent when you know how all the special effects work but if you neglect the innocence of our audience then you will inevitably be left behind.

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