December 2010

Image backgrounds in Unity

There’s many aspects of 3D interactive development that hurt my brain but two in particular have caused the most trauma after I switched from 2D: How do you use an image as a backdrop and how do you render an image in 3D so that it appears at its exact pixel dimensions. After banging my head against several near clip planes I think I’ve constructed a strong solution to both of these issues. Say hello to Backdrop.

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Changing iTween defaults

I was recently asked whether the default easing type in iTween could be changed so it didn’t have to be set to what was desired in every hash created. The simple answer is “Yes!”, the better answer is “Not just the easing type!”. iTween has a handful of defaults you can override at any time to help remove repetition from you calls and ensure your animations are consistent throughout your project (only the most useful are shown here):

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Visual iTween path editor

I think the most useful and elegant feature of iTween has to be the ability to easily move objects along a smooth motion path as demonstrated in the “Moving on a path” example. However, setting up these paths can be difficult, tedious and is usually responsible for hierarchy bloat as a result of numerous null objects and gizmos being used to help visualize the paths. To overcome this difficulty and further push the ease of use in iTween, I’ve created a visual helper called iTweenPath which allows very simple path creation and visual editing for use with iTween motion paths.

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