Suit-up like the Man of Steel

Scan specially designed packaging to unlock Superman’s superpowers: Pop-tarts give you Super Strength, Cheez-its unlocks Heat Vision and Keebler boxes open up Flight. Users can then film friends stopping massive boulders, taking off in a swirl of dust and rocks, or burning things with the Man of Steel’s fiery heat rays – and share via Facebook or email. Find the exclusive Walmart packaging for the Suit up like Superman snap-and-share feature and watch as the Supersuit appears around you.

The project challenged the whole studio – user experience design, pre-rendered visual effects, motion graphics, realistic low-poly modeling – and led to the development of some novel techniques including real-time compositing of visual effects over video footage in Unity.  Special care was taken with the technological solutions implemented to ensure 30FPS was obtainable on lower-end devices such as the iPhone 4 and Android platform.


  • Programming
  • Video recording and composition solution
  • UX
  • Design
  • Technical Direction
  • Creative Direction


  • Catapult Marketing
  • Kellogg
  • Bully Entertainment


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