So realistic you can reach out and not touch it

A magic mirror was the answer to attracting foot-traffic at Ford’s mixed-media installation for the 2013 Escape’s launch.  By digitally manhandling a Microsoft Kinect I was able to execute a unique augmented reality experience that brought visitors into the experience like never before.

A system was developed with a custom alignment tool that allowed me to bypass the extremely low resolution VGA camera in the Kinect to perfectly align skeletal data to a separate HD camera.  A progressive stabilization system was implemented to allow the augmentations to remain rock-steady despite the subtle data fluctuations from the Kinect’s depth sensor.  User’s of the experience noted a subtle haptic response to seeing the vehicle perfectly matched to their hand while using the experience and an intelligent height system was implemented to allow shorter users to reach the navigation.


  • Programming
  • UX
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Kinect integration


  • Ford
  • Cinco Interactive
  • Bully Entertainment