Golf takes a steady wrist

Travelers Insurance wanted a strong and accurate Flash game to promote their golf tournament.  I developed a system that utilized blueprints of actual holes and reproduced them accurately in a top-down golf game that utilized an input solution that far surpassed the “realism” offered by the standard solution that most games in the same category implement.  Golf pros were brought in and I recorded them over a green screen to enhance the realism of the project while developing a custom physics solution that accurately simulated all physical surfaces required for gameplay.

Since the PGA brand is carried exclusively through EA Games my efforts needed to get their approval at every step of the way.


  • Programming
  • UX
  • Motion Graphic
  • Design
  • Audio Production
  • Greenscreening
  • Engine development


  • Travelers Insurance
  • Ignition 72
  • The Sutter Group

LAUNCH (Flash)