With great responsibility comes great power.  No, wait…

Slip into The Amazing Spider-Man 2™ Web-Slinging Game to battle Oscorp drones in your living room. Pick up specially marked Kellogg’s products to unlock additional levels and face off with Electro himself. And when you’re ready, capture a picture of your friend suited up in any of the 5 sharable Spidey poses.

Scan special AR markers embedded on the back of Kellogg’s cereal and snack foods packaging (ranging from Frosted Flakes to Pop Tarts and Pringles) to unlock different levels. Each level, themed on scenes from the feature (Times Square, Oscorp and City Streets) presents new challenges and introduces Electro, who throws everything from taxis to fire hydrants to bicycle racks in an attempt to stop you.

Special in-game power-ups replenish health while others provide web shields. If you’re proud of your score, post it to the global leaderboard or share your score via Facebook and Twitter.

Game strategy includes quick-to-pick-up game mechanics and a free-play demo level that is capped at a certain score. This provides instant engagement, while also motivating users to seek out products to unlock additional game-play. In addition, the snap-and-share Spidey Suit feature is positioned prominently on the main menu. This provides easy access to a user-generated content tool that further promotes the feature and associated Kellogg’s products.

The game was released simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows Phones.  Significant strides were taken to ensure 30 FPS on iPhone 4 and lower-end devices through a custom degradation solution.


  • Programming
  • UI
  • UX
  • Design
  • Technical Direction
  • Creative Direction


  • Kellogg
  • Catapult Marketing
  • Bully Entertainment


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