Focus on what you want to make… not how you are going to make it.

A collection of free tools to help take your Unity development to another level so you can get things done faster.

Surge is a collection of free tools that make development in Unity easier, more reliable and more powerful. Born from industry standard solutions and years of experience, Surge helps beginners and professional developers work faster and smarter to get things done the right way. It doesn’t matter if you are developing a AAA game, an enterprise business application or just trying out a new idea, Surge has a tool that will help you focus on the end goal rather than how to get there.

Surge contains powerful tools to supercharge any Unity developer’s work:

Tween: Animate anything with style and just one line of code.

State Machine: Logical, visual, sane, organization for turning small things into extremely powerful solutions.

Singleton: Simplified global access, streamlined solution development and portable, reusable tool creation at your fingertips.

Display Object: Turn visual content on when you want to, not how your lead artist left it last in the editor.

Spline: Powerful and elegant tools for visualizing a spline, moving objects along a complex path, controlling particles systems and more!

Chooser: The complete solution for identifying and responding to choice and gaze.

Collider Button: A unified button solution that operates as expected across any and all platforms from mobile to virtual reality.


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  • Programming


  • Unity 3D