Running forever changed.

Adidas needed an augmented reality teaser app to promote their new BOOST running shoe in Japan. The app utilizes the key visuals from BOOST’s global campaign to spawn a realistic, interactive shoe. Rotate the new BOOST with a swipe of the finger, and tap on highlights for insights into the latest tech crammed into the shoe. Or, tap on the experience button to explode the shoe and experience BOOST’s ‘essence’ – a kinetic, experimental AR sculpture designed to reflect the explosive, endless energy promoted in the brand messaging – then watch a couple testimonials and a BOOST brand movie.

A podium was set up for visitors to the Tokyo Marathon Expo to view the experience, but the app works with almost any instance of the key image – from magazine ads to store front displays.


  • Programming
  • Design
  • UX


  • PGA Creative
  • Bully Entertainment