Kinect with the new Ford Fusion

Simply walk up to the Unity 3D-based experience, put out your hands as if grasping a steering wheel, and start driving the Fusion. Answer trivia questions correctly by changing lanes and the game speeds up. Best the Park Assist Challenge game by beating the quick 17 seconds the Fusion takes to park itself, and if you manage to place in the top ten, a special giveaway is yours.

Built with multiple deployment platforms in mind, the same content was ported to an iPad app where the accelerometer was utilized for steering – turning the iPad right or left switched lanes – and tilting the iPad, as if playing with a marble on the screen surface, enabled the Park Assist challenge. Both kiosk and app featured localization allowing the project to engage French speaking festival goers in Quebec, and the next weekend set up in English speaking Toronto for a car show.

Initially launched at Montreal’s Franco Folies Music Festival, the experiences made appearances across Canada.


  • Programming
  • UX
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Technical Direction
  • Gesture control
  • Kinect integration


  • Cinco Interactive
  • Bully Entertainment