March 2012

Simple State Saving

Saving the state of a GameObject(read MonoBehavior) via traditional serialization is not possible so I whipped up a simple approach that allows easy saving and loading of data contained in a class for simple state storage and retrieval via PlayerPrefs.

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The best darn throwable object spinner

Nothing more I can say about this release other than its a draggable object rotator that supports extremely responsive throw mechanics. Plop it on an object (don’t forget a collider to allow touch interaction), touch and drag on the model on your mobile device to rotate the model around and flick your finger to send it spinning with extremely natural velocity.

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Unity needed cmd-g and ctrl-g

I’ve found my left hand hitting the trusty “make group” key combination in Unity more and more whenever I’m deeply focused on organizing and structuring scene objects and I’ve had it with disappointment. Create an empty game object, put it where I need it, plop children under said new empty game object is so yesterday when it comes to organizing in Unity now. Drop my new group maker into your unity projects and organization is a simple press of command-g (control-g on PC) away!

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