Seasoned, dedicated and detail oriented interactive creative director, technical artist, designer, prototyper, and developer with extensive experience in advertising, game design, mobile, web, human interface, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, emerging technologies and digital experiences. A passion for problem solving, pipeline and tool development, interactive storytelling, user experience, gorgeous code, modular systems, seamless interfaces and hiding technology behind fun and magical experiences. Excellent external and internal communication skills and the ability to multi-task in any condition while maintaining a constant focus on budget, appropriate team member skills and seeing every challenge in a new way that pushes the expectations of digital experiences while ensuring user success, lead generation, team development, and rapid execution.

Unity – Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality – Mixed Reality – Developer Relations – Mobile Development – Application Design and Development – Game Design and Development – Prototyping – User Experience – User Interface – Technical Leadership – C# – Graphic Design – Motion Design – Audio Production – Framework and Tool Creation – Art Direction – Photon



  • Webby Award “NASA Home & City II”
  • Webby Award “Content Direct”
  • Webby Award “Spoiled Rotten”
  • Silver Telly Bully! “Dragon Sliegher”
  • Adobe Site of the Day “NASA Home & City II”
  • Adobe Site of the Day “Storm Chasers – The Chase”
  • FWA (Favourite Website Awards) – Site of the Day “Fluent Creative”
  • ITA (Internet Tiny Awards) – Site of the Day “GMO Unlimited”
  • ITA (Internet Tiny Awards) – Site of the Day “Fluent Creative”
  • Gold Addy Award “NASA Home & City”
  • Gold Addy Award “Oracle/John Blade CD-Rom”
  • Gold Addy Award “Tower Hill Development”
  • Gold Addy Award “Baby Tattoo”
  • Gold Addy Award “Ancient Treasures Website”
  • Silver Addy Award “Storm Chasers – The Chase”
  • Silver Addy Award “Poker Goggles”
  • e-Creative Awards – Site of the Day “Spoiled Rotten”


  • “Unity 5: Learning C# by Developing Games” by Greg Lukosek 2016
  • “Unity 5.x Game Development Blueprints” by John P. Doran 2016
  • “Learn Unity 4 for iOS Game Development” by Philip Chu 2013
  • “Creating Games with Unity and Maya” by Adam Watkins 2012
  • “Introduction to iTween” Unity Creative Magazine issue #3 2010
  • “Former Eisner employees unite to find jobs” The Daily Record by Louis Llovio 2006